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Geometric Coloring Pages

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Geometric coloring pages can be real fun to work with. Geometry is the branch of mathematics that deals with properties and measurement points, lines, angles, surfaces and solids. If you have come across any geometrical subject by now then you can easily recall various geometrical shapes.

Wouldn't it be fun to have these shapes in the form of geometric coloring pages? Well I thought it would be great fun rather. So I have created this section where you can find geometric coloring pages to download and use. Almost every geometric shape that you can think of will be listed here as a downloadable geometric coloring pages. Here's a partial list of all the coloring pages that have been planned for this section.

Geometric Coloring Pages

Triangle Coloring Pages All the triangle coloring pages will be listed here. Isosceles triangles, scalene triangles and equivalent triangles are all featured here. Some of the coloring pages will include some small puzzles as well. This is done in order to add a little bit of learning to the coloring process. This gets the best results when done over a period of time. Fun games involving triangles will also be featured in the downloadable geometric coloring pages. Square Coloring Pages Squares are shapes with four equal sides and each of the angles being a right angle. This is well established in the square coloring pages found on this website. You will enjoy the fun squares that consist of many small squares inside a big square. Circle Coloring Pages Circles represent rings and we all know how many formations can be formed by joining more than one ring. You will find some great formations here in the form of circle coloring pages. Circles are used in some innovative ways to give you some cool printable coloring pages. Quadrilateral Coloring Pages Quadrilaterals are four sided geometric shapes. Now is Square a quadrilateral? Yes it is! Infact square, rectangle, rhombus are all quadrilaterals with their own specific properties. We have covered squares in a different category. Here the geometric coloring pages will feature the rest of the quadrilaterals. Cone Coloring Pages Do you remember when you had an ice cream cone? Cone is a three dimensional geometric shape. Birthday caps, clown caps and many more such items are conical in shape. You will find some of them in the geometric coloring pages here. Cylinder Coloring Pages Cylinders make some interesting items. The geometric coloring pages we have for you in the cylinders section include the following

  • Blank cylinders to be colored
  • Multi color cylinders where you need to solve a small and simple puzzle before the coloring activity. These coloring pages will give your kid good math practice.
  • Counting cylinder coloring pages. Improve your kids counting skills with this coloring pages.

More Geometric Coloring Pages

Have fun with all the geometric coloring pages and do write to let us know how we are doing. Chances are that you will get whatever you request. It may however take some time depending upon the time availability of our artists. If there is anything specific geometric coloring pages then please let us know.

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