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Cinderella Coloring Pages

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Cinderella Coloring Pages

Throughout the world many variations and plots of this folktale have emerged, there are many films, tv shows, opera, and theatre acts amongst others.The Cinderella that is well known is mainly from films  and tv shows

Cinderella or The Little Glass Slipper is a tale of oppression towards a young girl and of her triumph from unjust cruelty. Many variations of this folktale exist throughout the world.Cinderella is a young girl who manages to change her situation for the better. She is strong; emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually. She had to be since she lived in this challenging reality.She is always struggling to find a way out of that life into a better one.

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Cinderella just wanted someone to help her see herself for who she was and to say "You can do it. Just believe!" and the rest was up to her. She was always in control of her life and the outcome. She created the life she was living. The Fairy Godmother is responsible for the well- suited ball gown and the glass slipper so Cinderella can attend the ball at the king's castle.Cinderella dances with the prince. As the clock strikes midnight she makes a dash to flee and loses one of the slippers on the steps.So the prince charming goes searching for the maiden whose foot fits the slipper, and the one who will become the bride of the prince.  The kingdom is turned upside down looking for her and we all know what happens next.

Cinderella coloring pages, print and color and have fun!

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