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Airplanes Coloring Pages

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Airplanes or airplanes are fascinating flying machines. they can carry heavy loads and transport hundreds of passengers from country to country and towns to cities, every day. some people spend a lot of time spotting different planes.Plane spotters are enthusiasts.
Orville and Wilbur Wright were two brothers who made the first flying machine that was successful in flying for twelve minutes in 1903, since the first historic flight that took place on December 17 of 1903, aviation has come along way.

Here are some basic facts about airplanes.

Airplanes are fixed winged aircraft, the wings are also called airfoils, the length and shape of the wings are designed especially to give the airplane lift

The fuselage or the body of the airplane is aerodynamically shaped, long and narrow.
The wings, engine and the aerodynamic body helps the airplane to fly.

Engines give the thrust which is required to move the plane forward, the thrust reduces drag and allows the wings to create lift.

Pilots control and fly the plane from a cockpit, which is located at the front of the plane.

Types of planes.

Planes are made in many shapes and sizes. Passenger Aeroplanes are designed to transport people and their baggage all over the world. The Boeing 747-400 and the Airbus A380 are amongst one of the largest passenger-carrying airplanes in the world

Some planes are capable of reaching very fast speeds, they can travel faster than sound. planes that are flying at supersonic speeds are flying faster than the speed of sound. the speed of sound is about 768 mph at sea level.

Supersonic airplanes

Supersonic aircraft are mostly used by the military and for research purposes.The Concorde was an example of a commercial supersonic plane, which stopped commercial flights in 2003. The Concorde almost halved the time, it took to travel by other commercial non-supersonic jets.

Drones are unmanned aircraft can be controlled by computers or with a remote controlled device

Helicopters don't have wings instead it has large rotating blades on the top, they carry only a few people at a time.

Aircraft coloring pages, print and enjoy coloring!



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